What’s the Most Fashionable Drink?

Two Raspberry Cocktails


Is a lady judged by what she drinks?  If a lady doesn’t drink, she’s a prude.  If she drinks too much, (whatever that is) then she’s out of control (there are so many adjectives to choose from).  Back in the late 90s the Cosmopolitan had a resurgence.  No longer an oft-forgotten pretty cocktail for old ladies, it was the choice drink of girls who had Sex in the City, or at least watched the show.  Nowadays, it’s a go-to drink for a gal who can’t think of anything else she really wants to drink.

I heart a Bombay Sapphire Tom Collins or a Tanqueray n’ Tonic.  Did Marie Antoinette make imbibing ladies fashionable with the popularization of champagne among the bougoisie? Want to increase your own cocktail knowledge? Check out Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails.  The most fashionable drink is one that’s truly enjoyed, because a lady knows how to enjoy herself with or without a drink and that’s very stylish.



One Response to “What’s the Most Fashionable Drink?”

  1. Pink Lady Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Cin-cin!

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